Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Jesus' Voice (Part 2)

Jesus’ Voice (Part 2)

1) “Lord Jesus desires that our sole desire in life will always be for a deeper fellowship with Himself. Then whatever we think, say or do, even our service for the Lord will only be a part of that personal, intimate love relationship with Him – an ongoing quiet two-way conversation with Jesus all the time….. !”

2) “Our daily life can never be more exciting, thrilling, joyful and peaceful than when lived together with the Lord Jesus Christ!”

3) “How blessed it is if we can always be channels for Jesus’ love to flow out and bring blessing and healing to the surrounding ones!”

4) “If we value fellowship with the Lord Jesus as precious as ‘the merchant valued the finest pearl’ and ‘the man valued the hidden treasure in the field’ (Mtt. 13: 44-46), we would be so careful not to lose hold of the sweetness of His fellowship even for a moment!”

5) “It is the prayer of a man who is wholly set apart for Himself which the Lord always eagerly listens to” (Psalms 4: 3).

6) “The Lord always prospers all the endeavours of that man (Psalm 1:3), who, instead of receiving his inputs from the world (verse 1), always listens to the Lord Jesus (who is the Word which became flesh –verse 2) through the Holy Spirit (streams of living water --verse 3)”.

7) “Never seek to impose your views and opinions on any other person, but while sharing them with others, tell the Lord: “Reveal Yourself to them, Lord, through my words”.

8) “Jesus desires that even our sacrifices for Him must never be from a reluctant, struggling heart, but should be spontaneous, loving responses to His voice to do something or to do away with something that might otherwise hinder our deeper fellowship with Him”.

9) “If your delight is in the Lord alone, then He will fulfill the deepest longing of your heart to be completely His!” (Psalm 37: 4).

10) “Woe to you if you desire fame or popularity for your ‘godliness’!”

11) “If we are satisfied with something less than the Lord’s very best in anything, we are literally binding the Lord’s hands with our UNBELIEF”.

12) “Just as we would be taken up with the Lord Jesus alone in heaven, we should be taken up with Him alone and want to obey and please Him alone here on this earth --- this is the essence of praying ‘Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’ (Matthew 6:10)”.

13) “The commandments of Jesus are all ‘a big fascinating, admirable, impractical theory’ for a person without the continual fullness of the Holy Spirit!”

14) “The Lord wants us to be so weak in ourselves, that we can do nothing of our own. Then only can Jesus alone become our only strength and all in all!” (2 Cor. 12: 9, 10).

15) “Every time our open our mouth to share the Word of God, this must be our confidence: ‘Hear now what the Lord is saying’!” (Micah 6:1a).

16) “Encounter with a truly Christlike person will always be a potent stimulus for all sincere people to come close to the Lord!”

17) “Are you praying for a person to get saved so that you can boast later: ‘He/she was saved through ME’, or are you praying unselfishly just because you want him/her to be saved from eternal destruction and to enjoy the blessedness you are enjoying now as God’s child?”

18) “If we are taken up with anything or anyone other than the Lord Jesus Himself, even if it be something ‘spiritual’, that will blunt the sharpness of the sensitivity of our heart to sense what the Lord has to tell us”.

19) “It is not what we have done for the Lord that is of value in eternity, but what the Lord has done in us and through us!”

20) “The only real compulsion in the Christian life is the compulsion of the love of Christ” (2 Cor.5:14).

21) “Give yourselves totally to the Lord Jesus to be bound by the strong cords of His love, so that ‘you can no longer do anything apart from Him’!” (John 15:5).

22) “The Holy Spirit desires to fill us in such a way that we become more conscious of the presence of Jesus than the persons and surroundings around us!”

23) “If we really taste the Agape love of the Lord Jesus, we tend to tell Him, ‘Why do You love such an undeserving, wretched sinner like me so much, Lord?’ ”

24) “Is there anything more delightful to the heart of the Lord than one of His children so taken up with Him that he/she rejoices in Him alone and desires nothing and no one else?!!!.....”

25) “It is a person full of gratitude for the Lord for His undeserving mercy, compassion and grace, who will always seek to bring delight to the Lord through his/her life.”

26) “Even after the most wonderful spiritual experience, if we lose our sweet communion with Jesus, we will soon become dry!”

27) “We can always sympathize and have compassion with those who do not have the light we have and cannot agree with us, because, if they are not the children of God, they are spiritually blind, and if they are children of God, they might be spiritually short-sighted or they might have some ‘blind areas’ in their ‘spiritual visual fields’ that they are not able to see the things we see clearly!!”

28) “Instead of just asking the Lord to cleanse our unChristlikeness every time, also tell Him to reveal how exactly He would have behaved in such and such a situation so that we can follow Him like that in future.”

29) “Nothing or no one can shake a person who is living in living contact with the Lord Jesus, because he becomes humbler and humbler as he walks with the Lord and thus receives grace upon grace increasingly (John 1:16; James 4:6)”.

30) “Both Jesus and the devil will point to us the sins in us and in others, but there is as much difference in the manner each one does it, as there is between heaven and hell!
When the Lord points out a sin us, it brings deep conviction, but tremendous encouragement and hope that we can cleanse, correct and overcome it! But when the devil points out a sin in us, it brings only condemnation and discouragement and despair…..
When the Lord points out a sin of other person to us, we always seek to sympathize with and intercede for him/her, and if the Lord prompts us, to lovingly correct him/her also! But when the devil points out a sin of other person to us, he will always tempt us to look down upon, accuse and criticize him/her. Whose co-workers do we want to be…….?!!!


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