Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Jesus' Voice (Part 3)

Jesus’ Voice --Part 3

1) “If we keep our hearts attuned to the voice of the Lord by being filled with the Holy Spirit, the Lord will always have a word of encouragement or guidance or correction or rebuke in our daily path of life”.

2) “When you are concentrated on bringing delight to the heart of the Lord Jesus alone through your one small life on this earth, the praises as well as the ridicule of men will count for nothing to you!”

3) “Only a man walking closely to the Lord can ‘nip’ even a small blemish of unChristlikeness ‘in the bud’in his life. Other people will realize the same sin in their own lives only when it has grown into a huge ‘tree’!”

4) “What greater privilege a mere creature can have than having a close two-way communion and fellowship with the Creator Himself!”

5) “A revelation of ‘how much the Lord has suffered literal hell as the punishment for ‘my’ sins on the cross of Calvary’ can keep a person really humble.”

6) “Unfortunately the Lord often finds it easier to teach us some spiritual lessons after our failures, just because that is the time the Lord can find us humblest! But how sad if we cannot learn from the Lord even through failures because of our listening to the condemning voice of the devil!”

7) “When the Lord points out any unChristlikeness in our life, first acknowledge it before the Lord humbly and gratefully, instead of justifying it or struggling to overcome it ourselves. This simple honesty before the Lord is the way by which we can walk in the light and be cleansed from all sin (1 John 1: 7)”.

8) “The increasing spiritual growth of a child of God will delight the heart of a real spiritual father; then how much more the heart of his heavenly Father…..!”

9) “We will really begin to see the wretchedness and filthiness of the tremendous pride and self-centeredness in us, only when we really begin to walk with the Lord and value fellowship with Him above anything else!”

10) “Testifying what the Lord has done in us and through us is one thing; but doing the same without touching His glory is quite another thing; and here lies the test of our real humility!”

11) “You cannot ‘feed’ the ‘flock’ of the Lord with anything you like, because they are ‘the flock of His possession’ (Micah 7:14); so speak to them from the Word only what the Lord wants you to!”

12) “The more mature you become spiritually, the more childlike you will become in the purity of heart and innocence of character!”

13) “The more rest and peace you enjoy in your heart, the more effectively you will fight the spiritual battle against the devil and his forces!”

14) “The prouder we become, the more pitiably the Lord has to allow us to fall, so that we may realize our nothingness and become humble!”

15) “One of reasons why the Lord wants us to pray for others is that we become more and more selfless as a by-product of genuine intercession!”

16) “It is not in an easy chair, but in the busy circumstances of daily life that we discover whether we value the sweet fellowship with Jesus!”

17) “If you are more eager for the fellowship with your fellow brothers and sisters than having personal fellowship with Jesus, then there is something wrong with your spirituality!”

18) “When the Lord Jesus looks from heaven at our currency notes, He sees them as mere papers to be used. (That was how He considered money when He lived here on earth also). When the real Spirit of heaven, that is the Holy Spirit, fills our hearts, we will also likewise see money!”

19) “The reason why we get so easily irritated with people and circumstances even inwardly, is that we are so big in our own eyes and we think we deserve to be treated far better than how it is now!”

20) “When you are connected to Jesus Christ, you will always seek to connect others with Him; on the other hand, if you are more connected to an organization than to Jesus Christ, you will always seek to connect others with that organization than to Jesus Christ!”

21) “The secret behind having a fruit-bearing life is to fall before the Lord and die to oneself, especially to the desire for honour and money (John 12 : 24). God is all the more excited to bring really needy people in touch with such a person, because he/she dare not touch His glory through their ministry!”

22) “The more you are committed to the Lord, the more intimate you will be with Him; and the more intimate you are with the Lord, the more committed you need to be in order to retain that intimacy!”

23) “The world is full of people desperately thirsting for some words of love, encouragement, appreciation and comfort, or at least a smile of love and compassion…. When the Lord sends such people to you, would you be quenching their thirst or aggravating it?”

24) “The smaller we become in our own eyes, the larger will our heart become to love and forgive everyone!”

25) “Only a person who really knows the Lord personally and intimately can lead others also to such a relationship with Him.”

26) “When high thoughts about yourselves gush into your mind, smell the danger of spiritual pride, and rush to the bosom of the beloved Lord Jesus to confess: ‘I am a nobody, Lord, but for Your blood which cleansed my wretched past by Your mercy, and for Your Spirit who transformed into Your likeness by Your grace!....’ ”

27) “Blessed is the man who, even when he ascends to loftier and loftier spiritual heights, can still consider himself to be a wretched sinner saved by the grace of God alone! (1Tim.1: 15)”

28) “The most effective and efficient way of doing a work, spiritual or secular, is simply doing it in fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ!”

29) “Greater patience has no one than that of the Lord Jesus who seeks to transform us, bearing up with all our innumerous infirmities and repeated failures! Hence what excuse do we have in being not patient with our fellow-beings?”

30) “Wisest is the man who does not depend on his own wisdom, but seeks the Lord’s guidance in each and everything; because “Christ Jesus has become to him wisdom from God” (1 Cor. 1:30)”.



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