Saturday, July 21, 2007

Jesus' Voice (Part 1)

Jesus’ Voice --Part 1

1) “It is in the stillness of the heart (in spite of the noise all around) that the Lord’s ‘still small voice’ (1 Kings 19: 12) is sensed by a listening ear”.

2) “If you give ear to the Lord’s gentle voice all the time, you will always be vibrant with the abundant life of Jesus (Matthew 4: 4)”.

3) “Hearing Jesus’ voice towards us instills His tenderness and compassion and sharpness to our voice towards others”.

4) “Only a person who has become truly humble and helpless before the Lord, can listen to every word that proceeds from His mouth!”

5) “Words of love empowered with the life of Jesus are like honey drops to a soul dying of thirst”.

6) “The clearest and sharpest spiritual vision is the ability to look at persons, things and circumstances just the way Jesus looks at them. We were spiritually blind before we were born again, and we received spiritual eyesight the moment we were born again. But we can have clearer and sharper vision day by day only by gazing at the Lord Jesus in each and every circumstance of our life”.

7) “The Lord will allow others to mistreat you and to ignore and reject you so that He can test you to see whether you seek the honour of man or the honour of God!”

8) “The attractions of the world lose its attractiveness only to those eyes which are beholding the beauty of the Lord Jesus Christ”.

9) “To live independent of the Lord is the root-cause of all sin.”

10) “When the Lord Jesus calls us near Him to enable us to enjoy our life with the fullness of joy of the Holy Spirit, we often slip away into the world for its passing pleasures and finally end up in frustration! If at all we see the tremendous grief of our Lord over this….”

11) “The Lord is more grieved at a little sin of one of His wholehearted children than at the backsliding of His half-hearted children”.

12) “Professing closeness to God for honour sake is abominable in God’s eyes. It is like ‘selling God’ for honour, just like some people ‘sell God’ for money”.

13) “Die continually to your desire for the honour and approval of men, for only then can the Lord really honour and approve you”.

14) “Spiritual pride (taking the glory to ourselves) is the biggest obstacle for the Lord to use us for blessing others”.

15) “The Lord eagerly seeks for those of His children whom He can point to the seeking hearts as examples of the life of Jesus Christ. Would the Lord be able to point them to you?”

16) “The more we want to come closer to the Lord Jesus, the more we will find the filthiness of our flesh and the more we will realize that it can be put to death only by the power of the Holy Spirit” (Romans 8: 13).

17) “The Lord desires to give us continual revelation of the filthiness and wretchedness of our flesh so that we always realize that we rightly deserve only eternal hell. But when we are so proud, He might have to take us through failures before He can give us the revelation!”

18) “Do not be upset with the people who seek to trouble you, because they are poor puppets in the hands of the devil. So pray for them”.

19) “When God finds it difficult to keep one of His dear children humble, He allows some opposition in his or her life, so that he or she will cling close to Him and becomes humble”.

20) “If the Lord is well-pleased with you, why do you care for and bother about the opinions of mere men?”

21) “The Lord allows different trials, temptations, persecution, rejection etc in our life in order to make us completely His and His alone!”

22) “Everything you have is freely given to you by the Lord (1 Cor.4:7). Then what do you have to boast or glory in giving others freely what you also have received freely?”

23) “A revelation about God’s sovereignty in allowing every circumstance and encounter in our daily life, is enough to dispel all our inward and outward complaints about people and circumstances”.

24) “Every moment of our life is indeed God’s precious gift for us. Wasting our time idly and spending it for worthless matters, is a way of rudely destroying our God-given gift and insulting Him thereby!”

25) “The Lord disciplines, rebukes and corrects us according to our sensitiveness to respond to Him. How blessed is the man whom the Lord disciplines, rebukes and corrects for even a slight mistake! (Rev.3: 19)”

26) “By our words and behaviour we can either ascend to a higher spiritual level or descend to a lower level. So let us be filled with the Holy Spirit and always behave in a dignified manner worthy of our seat in heavenly places! (Eph. 2:6)”.

27) “Divine gracious behaviour is often ‘contagious’; it prompts the people around us also to behave in a better way”.

28) “When our heart and mind are pure by the fullness of the Holy Spirit, they act as a mirror which reflects the heart and mind of the Lord Jesus (Phil. 2:5). And our face, words and deeds act as the window through which a part of that light of the life of Jesus in us flows out to others. But whenever this ‘mirror’ becomes ‘cloudy’ with impurity, it fails to reflect the ‘light’, until the blood of Jesus cleanses it!”

29) “Since the Lord, the Creator of this entire universe, has called us to be His representatives here on earth, everyone who comes in touch with us should touch something of His heavenly love, compassion, humility and joy through our conduct.”

30) “The devil always seeks to push us down into the pit called ‘discouragement’ and then into a deeper pit ‘sin’, then still deeper into ‘guilt’, subsequently into deeper and deeper pits called ‘condemnation’, ‘ineffectiveness for God and man’ and so on.

Whereas Jesus always seeks to lift us up to a height called ‘forgiveness of sins’, and then to a loftier height of ‘justification’, then still loftier to ‘fullness of the Holy Spirit’, ‘victory over sin’, ‘transformation into the divine nature of Jesus’ and ultimately to loftier and loftier heights of ‘intimate fellowship with Jesus’…..

Do we want to spiritually go down with the devil or fly to heavenward heights with Jesus? ......”



  1. challenging and encouraging!!

  2. Dear Brother....

    Your quotes are truly encouraging...

    May God bless your online ministry..

  3. May God Bless You Abudantly !! You Being a Hindu...have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as Your Personal Saviour !! is simply Wonderful. Your message is clear and encouraging !! I feel ashamed of myself as a Christian. Now onwards, I will try and be honest with myself in what I do in the Eyes of the Almighty God !!!