Monday, March 5, 2018

Casting out of a demon in the Psychiatry OPD

Casting out of a demon in the Psychiatry OPD

Dear friends, I just wanted to share an encouraging incident of a demon being cast out in my Psychiatry OPD a few weeks ago.

One man of more than 60 years, with history suggestive of Dysthymia and Possession attacks, was the patient. After prescribing medicines, he requested me to pray for him, since he knew about my faith.

As I was praying binding the activities of the devil, I was hearing noisy deep breaths. I opened my eyes to see the patient staring at me in fierce anger, telling me “I will not leave, I will not leave”. I just commanded the evil spirit to leave him in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ Who defeated the devil on the Cross, and stated that the devil has no authority over him. 

There was no need for any noise or clamour, that even patients waiting outside the room, did not know what happened inside! There was no need for any shouting or screaming characteristic of many similar so-called casting out of demons, because demons, anyway, have no hearing deficits and they are not afraid of our screaming, but rather scared of the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

And the patient fell on the floor, without resulting in any injury (as we read in Luke 4: 35). His fast breathing slowed down, and he opened his eyes. I told him to sit on the chair. He sat on the chair. 

I asked him whether he remembered what he told me. He said he did not remember, but that he felt intense, fierce anger against me during prayer. I smiled at him and explained what happened. (I refreshed a great spiritual lesson that anger is the character of the devil, and that we are holding hands with the devil when we become angry).

A few similar encounters have occurred like this in my Psychiatry practice. I just shared this to reinforce the fact that our faith is not based on some old, historical mythology, but on the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ, Who is very real and ever present with us through the genuine fullness of the Holy Spirit!

Praise be to the Lord Jesus alone, on Whose name alone the demons tremble with fear! (James 2: 19). And praise God for the authority the Lord has given us in the name of Christ Jesus, over all the activities of the devil! (Luke 10: 19)

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