Friday, November 9, 2007

Jesus' Voice (Part 4)

Jesus’ Voice --Part 4

1) “The strongest power of attraction in this universe is nothing other than the love of Jesus Christ. It is like a magnet; the closer you come to it, the stronger it binds you, and the farther you go, it just leaves you alone, but will, of course, seek to bind you all throughout your life!”

2) “Our Lord longs to flood our beings all the time with His love and freshness in such a way as to overflow and touch and transform others around us too.”

3) “Until Jesus alone becomes enough for us, we will continue to have complaining and murmuring”.

4) “The honour and money of this world are just like rubbish for a person who is truly taken up with the glory and beauty of Jesus Christ. The more you come closer to the Lord, the less you will be attracted by them!” (Phil. 3:8).

5) “Where do you first look to, when you suddenly come across a crisis or a need – to mere men or to the Lord Jesus Himself?”

6) “Blessed is the man who has learned to sense in his heart everything the Lord wants to communicate with him!”

7) “Deal kindly and compassionately with others as the Lord deals kindly and compassionately with you!”

8) “When we realize the sufferings and pain that our beloved Jesus has endured in order to reach out to us and win us, whatever hardships and inconveniences and losses we suffer in order to reach out to others and win them for the Lord, will count to absolutely nothing!”

9) “All the persons and circumstances we face in our daily life are actually different tools in the skilful hands of our loving Lord used for carving us out into His very image! And if we resist Him He will simply leave us alone….but with great grief in His heart!”

10)“Failure of any sort is a golden opportunity for us to once again realize our nothingness and become humbler”.

11)“The people around us are knowingly and unknowingly seeking for real, Christlike love, -- the love which can understand their deepest needs and accept them as they really are. Are we able to impart them the same quality of love through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit?”

12)“It is our Helper, the Holy Spirit who helps us to continually put to death our flesh with all its lusts and desires, and thus enables us to become smaller and smaller in own eyes!”

13)“When others look down upon us and ridicule us for our uncompromising stand for the Lord Jesus, we should always be able to sympathize with, have compassion on and pray for them, keeping in mind their eternal destiny!”

14)“The secret of faith in prayer is the awareness that we are talking to and hearing from our loving, caring Father in heaven, who knows all our needs and burdens, and who Himself is our omnipotent, omniscient Creator!”

15)“In spite of the busy schedule of daily life, it is in the secret chamber with the Lord Jesus, that we get to know Him personally and intimately, and get transformed to that measure of His likeness in which we know Him….!”

16)“Spiritually minded people will long to hear a man who hears God!”

17) “The Lord approves the life of that person who proceeds with the green signal of the Lord in everything!”

18)“How grieved the heart of the Lord Jesus is, when we have no time to hear Him or talk to Him! And how delighted His heart is when He finds one child of His eager to hear Him speak!!”

19)“You can accomplish the maximum for the Lord through this small life of yours, if you allow Him to direct every nook and corner of your life!”

20)“The reason why we are not able to rise up to the expectation of the Lord Jesus in our daily life, is that we have not become humble enough to receive His abundant grace for everything!”

21)“When you are really humble, you can receive true correction from even the youngest of believers and even from unbelievers!”

22)“When you are tempted to seek after the approval and honour of man, ask the Lord to reveal to you the emptiness and hollowness in it.”

23)“Our lives must be an example of how mightily the Lord can use a person completely surrendered and committed to Him!”

24)“Our Lord Jesus always wants to share the sweetness of His fellowship with us even in the little things in our daily life; but are we interested in the same?”

25)“Jesus could perfectly explain the Father to us because He remained spiritually in the bosom of the Father even when He lived on this earth (John 1: 18). So the best way for us to explain Jesus to others today is also to cling close to His bosom all the time!”

26) “When we humble ourselves before the Lord like a new-born baby, the Lord will never leave us nor forsake us, just like a mother who does not want to leave her new-born even for a moment!”

27)“It is a real worshiper who gets his mind transformed and thus gets to know the will of God for everything in his life!” (Rom. 12: 1, 2).

28) “When we get irritated at somebody’s fault, just realize that we are also guilty of the same thing in some subtle manner. When we overcome that area, we will no longer be upset with that fault in anyone else!” (Rom. 2:1).

29) “In the midst of a world which shouts “Pleasure is only in sin”, the Lord wants living examples, especially among young people, who through their lives, can boldly proclaim “You cannot have a more vibrant and exciting and joyful life than in Jesus Christ”!”

30)The Lord Jesus is now asking you: “When most of my children approach Me only for their own personal and material gain, when many are gaining honour and money taking my name, are you willing to do everything in selfless love for Me and portray the real Jesus of the Bible through your life and words in front of this corrupt Christian world?....”

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