Monday, June 25, 2007

The Real Christianity


Beyond all ‘Christian’ traditions and rituals, if one goes purely into the Word of God (the Bible), one can easily understand that the Lord Jesus Christ has founded no religion at all. He had a number of followers committed to Him in repentance and faith. Afterwards these followers proclaimed to others of the transforming power of their Saviour in any person’s life, if he repents of his sins and commits his life to Jesus. Thus more and more people were added to their fellowship.

But history tells us that Christianity degenerated into a religion only after AD 300, hen the Roman emperor Constantine accepted Christianity as a religion, and the people of his empire imitated him in order to please him, thereby beginning to bring numerous nauseating traditions and rituals (in “Christian whitewash”), which are not at all found in the Bible.

But throughout all these centuries, there has been a small remnant of people scattered all over the earth, who follow Jesus in true repentance and faith according to the Bible. And they alone are ‘Christians’ in God’s sight. So now there is no real question of religious conversion on the basis of material benefits, since the Bible itself is totally against that. But all over the world, everyone (irrespective of their religion) who truly repents of his sins from the heart and entrusts his life to the Lord Jesus Christ, believing that it was for “my” sins that Jesus died on the Cross, is sure to experience true joy and peace unlike what he has experienced ever before, because he has now come in touch with the only true and living God. Yes, real Christianity is not a religion at all, but a way of life – a real day- to-day love- relationship with Jesus Christ.

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